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Title: Hematological and Pathological Studies of Bacteria Associated with Mobile Phones from Handlers of Diverse Lifestyles in the Rural Community
Authors: Jeffson, A.,
Olayiwola, J.
Abiala, M.
Keywords: Hematology pathological bacteria; Mobile phone; Vehicle
Issue Date: 7-Jul-2019
Publisher: American Journal of Pharmacology & Therapeutics
Citation: Odiete JA, Olayiwola JO, Abiala MA. Hematological and Pathological Studies of Bacteria Associated with Mobile Phones from Handlers of Diverse Lifestyles in the Rural Community. Am J Pharmacol Ther. 2019;3(1): 001-007.
Series/Report no.: 3;1
Abstract: Mobile phone has been source of microorganisms that cause diseases of public health concerns. In a study, one-fi fth of cellular phones examined were found to harbor pathogenic bacteria indicating that these devices may serve as vehicles of transmission. Swab samples were collected aseptically from the phones of different handlers like motor bike riders, food vendors, meat sellers and nursing mothers. Bacteria isolation and identifi cation were carried out using pour plating technique with distinctive morphological and biochemical characteristics. The pathogenicity of the bacterial isolates was investigated through oral inoculation into albino rats. Eighty-eight (88) bacteria were isolated and selected based on their resistance to antibiotics for pathological study. Loss in weight was observed in some albino rat. Along with reduction in the packed cell volume, hemoglobin but raised white blood cell. Animal inoculated with Bacillus cereus showed meningitis like symptom after the fi rst week of inoculation. Also, there were short and stunted villi; low crystal depth with necrotic debris in the lumen. It has been observed that cell phones may harbor pathogenic bacteria and can subsequently plays role as fomite in the disease transmission. Therefore, the need to educate community phone handlers in the rural area becomes imperative.
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