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Title: Mineral Compositions of Sugercane Juice Cultvated in Papalanto, Ogun State, Nigeria
Authors: Afolayan, O. A
Afolabi, O. R
Kayode, O. T
Kayode, A .A
Keywords: Sugar cane, NPK-treated, Minerals, Zinc, Potassium
Issue Date: 2019
Publisher: International Journal of Research and Scientific Innovation
Citation: Afolayan, O.A., Afolabi, O.R., Kayode, O.T. and Kayode, A.A.(2019)
Series/Report no.: 6;10
Abstract: Papalanto, Ogun State is one of the locations where sugar cane (Saccharium offinarium) is grown and largely cultivated in Nigeria. Mineral compositions of the sugarcane juice in this area is not yet reported. Therefore, this study was carried out to determine the mineral content of the sugarcane cultivars in Papalanto, Ogun state, Nigeria. The result of the study shows that calcium is present in both the NPK-treated sugarcane (that is, fertilizers was used for this cultivar) and the untreated sugarcane (no fertilizers added) samples at about the same level. Concentrations of zinc and potassium were found to be significantly higher in the NPK- treated sugarcane samples than the untreated samples. The findings of this research work suggest that the mineral contents of the NPK-treated sugar cane are higher than their untreated counterpart. Consumption of the NPK-treated sugarcane by the people of the area and beyond should therefore be encouraged. Further work is required to detect and explain the biochemical basis for the high mineral contents of the NPK-treated sugar cane.
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