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Title: Se-LMS: Secured learning management systems for smart school
Authors: Falana, Olorunjube James
Ebo, Ife Olalekan
Odom, Ifeanyi Shadrach
Keywords: Learning Mmanagement System (LMS), learning, cloud computing, OAuth2.0, smart school, Se-LMS
Issue Date: 3-Mar-2021
Publisher: International Journal of Software Engineering and Computer Systems
Citation: Falana, O. J., Ebo, I. O., & Odom, I. S. (2021). Se-LMS: SECURED E-LEARNING MANAGEMENT SYSTEMS FOR SMART SCHOOL. International Journal of Software Engineering and Computer Systems, 7(1), 36–46. Retrieved from
Series/Report no.: 7;1
Abstract: One of the research topics that focus on Information Communication Technology in Education is Learning Management System (LMS). LMS is a web-based software application developed to create, manage, and delivered e-learning courses. Many research works have been conducted on different learning options in LMS. However, the increased use of LMS has brought with it the security issues such as the denial of service attack, malware and privacy. In order to protect the different actors of LMS such as students, instructors and controlling authorities, this paper proposes a multi-factor authentication and identity management for securing LMS. Se-LMS is capable of dynamically authenticating users using different methods such as a seamless combination of Oauth2.0 and 2FA or Username/Password and 2FA as proposed. Also, the paper explains the situation and existing research relating to security in Learning Management Systems in smart school. The proposed framework has been applied to cloud-based LMS to show the ability to mitigate an attack.
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