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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2017-12Identification of suitable websites for digital marketing – an approach using bio-inspired computingKumar, B Suresh; Kar, Arpan Kumar; Igiri, Chinwe
2017Information Technology Infusion Model for Agricultural Sector in Nigeriagejuru, N. C; Mhambe, P. D; Balogun, J. A; Asahiah, F. O; Idowu, P. A
2017Model for Prediction of Cataracts Using Supervised Machine Learning AlgorithmsEgejuru, N. C; Balogun, J. A; Mhambe, P. D; Asahiah, F. O; Idowu, P. A
2017-03An ICT Infusion Model for Nigerian Transport SectorIdowu, P. A; Oyetunji, M. O; Oladeji, F. A; Balogun, J. A
2017Assessment of passive design features for human circulation safety in Commercial Centres of Federal Capital Territory, AbujaOmachi, E. S.; Adedayo, O. F; Onwuka, B; Adedokun, A. J
2017-06-13Therapeutic potentials and pharmacological properties of Moringa oleifera Lam in the treatment of diabetes mellitus and related complicationsOmodanisi, Elizabeth I; Aboua, Guillaume Y; Oguntibeju, Oluwafemi O
2017-03-23Assessment of the Anti-Hyperglycaemic, Anti-Inflammatory and Antioxidant Activities of the Methanol Extract of Moringa Oleifera in Diabetes-Induced Nephrotoxic Male Wistar RatsOmodanisi, Elizabeth I; Aboua, Yapo G; Oguntibeju, Oluwafemi O
2017-05-12DNA damage and systemic toxicity induced by silver and copper oxide nanoparticles, and their mixture in Clarias gariepinus (Burchell, 1822)Ogunsuyi, O. I; Fadoju, O. M; Akanni, O. O; Alabi, O. A; Alimba, C. G; Adaramoye, O. A; Bakare, A. A
2017-03-16Cytogenotoxicity and oxidative stress in clarias gariepinus (Burchell, 1822) exposed to silver and copper oxide nanoparticles, and their mixtureOgunsuyi, O. I; Fadoju, O. M; Akanni, O. O; Alimba, G. G; Adaramoye, O. A; Bakare, A. A
2017-04Effect of extrusion on protein quality, Anti-Nutritional factors and digestibility of complement diet from quality protein maize and soybean protein concentrate.Omosebi, M. O; Osundahunsi, Oluwatooyin Faramade