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Title: A new method for solving split variational inequality problems without co-coerciveness
Authors: Izuchukwu, C
Mebawondu, A.A
Mewomo, O. T
Keywords: Split variational inequality problems, monotone operator, co-coercive, Lipschitz continuous.
Issue Date: 29-Oct-2020
Publisher: Journal of Fixed Point Theory and Applications
Citation: Izuchukwu, C., Mebawondu, A.A. & Mewomo, O.T. A new method for solving split variational inequality problems without co-coerciveness. J. Fixed Point Theory Appl. 22, 98 (2020).
Series/Report no.: 22;98
Abstract: In solving the split variational inequality problems in real Hilbert spaces, the co-coercive assumption of the underlying operators is usually required and this may limit its usefulness in many applications. To have these operators freed from the usual and restrictive co-coercive assumption, we propose a method for solving the split variational inequality problem in two real Hilbert spaces without the co-coerciveness assumption on the operators. We prove that the proposed method converges strongly to a solution of the problem and give some numerical illustrations of it in comparison with other methods in the literature to support our strong convergence result.
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